Cover NWMThis blog is all about de-evolution, overgrown body hair and even-toed ungulates.  It also happens to be about two people who do not become better citizens, nor grow into mild and tolerant grown-ups.  The novel at the center of this exploration is called New World Monkeys, but I guess it could be called Do The Wrong Thing.  There’s something freeing in the thought of being a savage, isn’t there?  I think you’ll see a part of yourself in this book and this blog if you’re willing to, uh, look the monkey in the eye. 


Nancy Mauro lives in New York City.  She has worked as a creative director and copywriter in both Canada and the US and is a recent Fellow and graduate of the prestigious MFA program at the University of British Columbia.  Nancy is the author of New World Monkeys, a novel forthcoming this fall from Shaye Areheart/Crown Books.